LCA studies conducted at Novozymes from 2005 to 2009

Industry   Application   Enzyme(s) or microorganism   Name of LCA study   Year   Publication
Detergent Laundry washing Protease, lipase amylase, and cellulase Environmental assessment of cost-neutral replacement of surfactants with enzymes 2007 H&PC. No. 4 3-7
Laundry washing Protease, alpha-amylase, mannanase, lipase and cellulase Environmental assessment of reformulated detergents 2009 In preparation
Pulp & Paper Bleach boosting Xylanase
Refining Cellulase
Pitch control Lipase Environmental assessment of enzyme-assisted processing in the pulp and paper industry 2008 Int. J. LCA 13 (2) 124-132
Deinking Cellulase
Stickies control Esterase
Animal Feed Digestibility improvement Phytase Environmental assessment of phytase as alternative to inorganic phosphate supplementation to pig feed. 2007 Int. J. LCA 13 (2) 3-7
Digestibility improvement xylanase Environmental assessment of digestibility improvement factors used in animal production 2008 Int. J. LCA 13 (1) 49-56
Oils and Fats Degumming Phospholipase Environmental assessment of enzymatic bioprocessing of oils and fat 2008 Inform April 210-212.
Interesterification Lipase Environmental assessment of enzymatic interesterification of palm kernel oil 2009 In preparation
Biocatalysis Lipase A sustainable method for the production of emollient esters 2008 SÖFW Journal  134 1/2 44-47.
Food Mozzarella Phospholipase Environmental assessment of yield improvement obtained by the use of phospholipase in mozzarella production 2009 Int. J. LCA 14 (1) 137-143
Bread Amylase Environment as a new perspective on the use of enzymes 2008 Food Sci. & Tech. 22 (1) 45-47
Leather Soaking and unhairing Protease and lipase Environmental assessment of enzyme application in the tanning industry 2006 Leather international Aug./Sept 18-24
Brewing Barley brewing Mixture  Environmental assessment of 100% barley beer 2009 Brew. & bev. Int. (submitted)
Textile Bioscouring Pectate lyase Enzyme biotechnology for sustainable textiles 2009 Sustainable textiles
Bleach clean-up Catalase Enzyme biotechnology for sustainable textiles 2009 Sustainable textiles
Several Several Environmental assessment of biotechnology used in textile production 2009 In preparation
Biologicals Agriculture Fungus Environmental assessment a yield-enhancing microbial inoculant used in crop production 2009 In preparation
Biotechnology in general   Screening of many applications   Several   Estimation of greenhouse gas emission reductions when conventional solutions are replaced with enzymatic solutions in various industries   2009   WWF-report (app.3)
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