Principle 10

Businesses should work against all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery

Novozymes' management systems, commitments, and positions

Novozymes' approach in 2009

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The Novozymes Touch

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Financial and legal policy
Purchasing policy
Social responsibility policy

Position on business integrity
Position on responsible purchasing

Scope and approach
Novozymes has adopted a management standard on business integrity, which constitutes an integrated part of Novozymes’ internal quality management system and links to the Social responsibility policy
and the Financial and legal policy. The standard is based on a set of principles covering bribery, facilitation payments, money laundering, protection money, gifts, and political and charitable contributions.

All employees receive a booklet on business integrity, entitled Bribery – No thanks!, and we train selected employee groups in selected countries and regions on an ongoing basis. Internal processes are in place to ensure that all employees have access to guidance and the opportunity to anonymously raise concerns about possible breaches of Novozymes’ integrity principles. Employees are required to report facilitation payments and excessive gifts given or received.

A special Committee on Business Integrity, consisting of vice presidents from our Finance, Legal, and Sales & Marketing departments, oversees implementation, provides general guidance, and evaluates the effectiveness of the standard.

In 2009, several sites have carried out business integrity training activities locally. In order to further strengthen knowledge of business integrity, Novozymes has developed a web-based training program that guides the employee through a series of case examples, presenting the employee with situations that create business integrity-related dilemmas. By 2010, it is expected that all employee groups will have undergone training.

For example, Novozymes India has had a strong focus on communicating business integrity internally and has conducted business integrity workshops for all employees in 2009. Also, business ethics was the main theme for the annual distributor conference 2009 in China.

Furthermore, in 2009 Novozymes has strengthened its processes for monitoring and reporting on corporate citizenship and sponsorships. Although there is a certain degree of flexibility for the local site to engage in local activities, the increased monitoring and reporting will reduce the possibility of entering into arrangements that do not comply with Novozymes’ code of conduct and/or our strategy for corporate citizenship and sponsorships. Please refer to Novozymes’ approach to sponsorships and corporate citizenship at

Business ethics and supplier performance
In 2009, Novozymes began implementing a new comprehensive supplier performance management system. The system covers all aspects of our supplier performance management from approval of new suppliers to performance evaluation. Business integrity is part of Novozymes’ approach to responsible purchasing and is included as part of the sustainability evaluation of supplier performance. Suppliers are evaluated on whether they prevent corruption and bribery from taking place in any aspect of their business operations.

In 2009, 88% of total purchase spend was covered by the system, and in 2010 all suppliers that are noncompliant with Novozymes’ standards will have specific action plans developed in order to improve performance.

New suppliers receive a letter with our supplier guidelines as well as our booklet Bribery – No Thanks!. If our suppliers do not live up to our business integrity standards, they are placed on an issue list and are subsequently addressed with an action plan as well as ongoing follow-up. We work toward a dialog-based approach to help ensure suppliers comply with our standards. However, potential new suppliers must live up to our standards before a relationship is established. Please refer to Novozymes' approach to Responsible purchasing at


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