Product launches in 2009

Audited by PwC


Cellic® CTec 

A unique cellulase complex for cost-effective hydrolysis for production of biofuel from cellulosic feedstock. The product offers high conversion efficiency on acid and neutral pretreated feedstocks. 

Cellic® HTec

A hemicellulase complex that provides a hydrolysis boost option over Cellic® CTec, i.e., improves C5 sugar yields.

CellPrime® rAlbumin AF-G

A recombinant animal-free cell culture supplement replacing human- or bovine-derived serum albumin in industrial-scale mammalian cell culture applications.

Ondea® Pro

An enzyme for the brewing industry to produce beer from pure unmalted barley. This enables the breweries to save on raw materials and cost, and also reduces the carbon footprint of beer production.


A detergent enzyme for laundry bars, which makes it easier to hand-wash clothes and enables fewer rinses and reduced water consumption.

Gold Crust®

A baking enzyme enhancing crust color and decreasing baking time, as well as reducing crust separation in prebaked breads.


A detergent enzyme removing fat and grease stains. It enables substitution of surfactants to a greater degree as part of the multienzymatic DREAM concept.

Opticake® Fresh 50 BG

An enzyme providing longer-lasting freshness in cakes and improved quality.

Novamyl® Pro A baking enzyme that further enhances freshness in breads and improves quality.

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