Welcome to the Novozymes Report 2009

Audited by PwC
This year, Novozymes is publishing all the relevant information for the annual report on its online reporting universe at www.report2009.novozymes.com.

The Novozymes Report 2009 is available in English in a full online version, and this year – for the first time – a series of videos tells our main stories in addition to the written material. Another special feature is My Report, which makes it possible for you to compile a customized pdf download of the parts of the report that you find most relevant. Hence the printed version of the full report will no longer be available; however, a printed summary of the report is still published in both English and Danish.

The reporting website is dedicated to the Novozymes Report 2009 and other information relevant to the investor community, but the site is also worth a visit for anyone else with an interest in Novozymes. We continuously supplement the report with information such as quarterly reports, company announcements, news, and teleconferences published on our corporate website, www.novozymes.com.

All the photos in the report show Novozymes employees from around the world. It has been our intention to illustrate the human touch behind our organization and express our corporate personalities of spark, passion, openness, and science.
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