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Key indicators for resource consumption and climate change are in focus when defining long-term targets. However, sustainability also takes other areas into consideration. Other challenges such as phosphate scarcity and unequal distribution of food are further areas where modern biotechnology may provide solutions. Similarly, social challenges such as supporting human rights, fighting poverty, and managing anticorruption are increasingly finding a place on the business agenda.

Novozymes always aims to be responsive by addressing issues in our sphere of influence and by not compromising on business ethics.

To fulfill our ambition to change the world, we need motivated and engaged employees. Novozymes therefore continuously strives to be a preferred employer globally. We are always looking for the right people and aim to support them in challenging current conventions while shaping a brighter future.

We believe that sustainability will increasingly define markets and it is our long-term ambition to be recognized as a company demonstrating leadership and setting the standards with regard to sustainability.
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From a total score of 70 points in 2008, the target for 2009 was to improve to 72. However, the 2009 score actually increased by seven points to 77 ...