Stakeholder engagement

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Supply chain management

Managing sustainability in supply chains is still a focus area. Our 2010 target is a follow-up to ensure realization of benefits from the management system. Action plans will be drawn up for all suppliers with performance issues, and the knowledge gained from the new system will thereby be utilized in improving performance.

Employee focus

Our ambition is to make it even better to be a Novozymes employee, and a set of targets addresses this. The original target for 2010 for employee satisfaction and motivation was set at a score of 75 back in 2008. This was achieved already in 2009 and focus is on keeping the high level. Employees’ "opportunities for professional and personal development” is another important indicator, and this target has been raised by one point compared to last year. In addition to these indicators, we continuously work on reducing the number of occupational accidents as well as absence from work.

The target for employee turnover is set at a range that reflects the present job market and Novozymes’ aims with regard to attraction and retention of employees. It is seen as preferable to have a turnover above 4% and below 9%.

Stakeholder engagement

Novozymes expects sustainability to be a very significant lever in support of our overall efforts to grow the business. It is therefore valuable to us when partners, employees, customers, NGOs, or other stakeholders evaluate our performance within this area. Analysts and rating agencies continuously assess the overall sustainability performance of companies, and we use the most valid ones to compare Novozymes to peers in this respect. We have chosen the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and SAM’s rating as yardsticks, although a number of alternative ratings are just as valuable. It is our goal to achieve a Gold Class rating by SAM in the Sustainability Yearbook.

My Report
Working at Novozymes is great!
From a total score of 70 points in 2008, the target for 2009 was to improve to 72. However, the 2009 score actually increased by seven points to 77 ...