Occupational health and safety

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Occupational accidents

Occupational accidents with absence is defined as the number of reported work-related accidents involving at least one day’s absence after the day on which the accident occurred.

Occupational diseases

Occupational diseases is defined as the number of new reported cases of work-related diseases. In accordance with Danish legislation, employees working in noisy areas must be tested for hearing disorders. Identified cases are reported as occupational diseases even though it may not be possible to establish whether the disorder is related to working at Novozymes.

Consequences of occupational accidents and occupational diseases

The consequences of occupational accidents with absence and occupational diseases are measured by recording the work situation once the outcome of the incident has stabilized, for example whether the employee has returned to his or her original job, and the total number of (calendar) days of absence.

Frequencies of occupational accidents and occupational diseases

The frequencies of occupational accidents with absence and occupational diseases are calculated per million working hours.

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